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Default Japanese landing barge, french TD, German flak

Handbook of Japanese military forces 1944, lists armament of diahatsu landing barges as
"20mm Gun; 2 LMG fwd; 2 LMG aft. one or more 13, 20, or 37mm guns and HMGs or LMGs."
and can also carry twin 13mm HMG.
But not 70mm howitzer as in game. 70mm Howitzer as armament is probably an error.
Same source lists men carried as 100-120 men game has 150.

French Unit 205 Laffly W15 TCC appears to be the Prototype with armour of 1 all around. Prototype didnt see service. Production version had only Armoured gun shield and front wind screen. see
shows the actual vehicle in the second picture.
Maybe should only get 1 armour on the front and back, rest 0.

German unit 482 "SdKfz 7/1 FlaK" should probably have a 1 instead of 0 for turret front like most other shielded vehicle mounted guns.
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