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Default What\'s with the Slow Forums?

I'm starting to get mightily annoyed with the way the forums have been performing recently. Half the bloody time it's a major struggle to even load the forum pages, and every time you attempt to load a thread, login, post or whatever it takes a minimum of five minutes for any requests to get through and processed, and that's often only after several timeouts.

These connection problems come in waves, sometimes right in the middle of normal functioning things become slow as molasses without any explanation and the connection can completely disappear for up to half an hour.

Needless to say, this is a major pain in the arse, and the issue does not occur with any other sites I visit, so the problem is definitely on or very near the Shrapnelgames end. I hope something is done to identify and fix this problem, because the community here is a great resource, but most people simply do not have time for the kind of delays that have been happening.

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