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Default Weird, kind of a sound problem question

Hey everyone, I thought I would make my first post a question I just downloaded the game and the patch, and I have an odd, what appears to be sound related problem. The sound and everything works fine, but when I shift-click on a unit, to allow another unit to stack in the same hex (like moving an infantry squad into the same hex as its carrier to load up), the game appears to freeze/lock up. If I cntrl-esc back out to the windows desktop, I have a new box named "AVI Chunk Viewer" that is sitting in the middle of my screen. If I just close this box, then go back into the game, the game is now unfrozen, and the units are now stacked properly! The game proceeds with no problems until the next time I try to stack two units (or move into a hex with an enemy or an abandoned enemy unit/vehicle). This happens whether I'm in full screen or a window, BUT, it doesn't happen if I turn off the sound effects. Battle effects, mouse click on, do not cause this problem, only the sound effects. I have a 5 year old Dell p750, and it appears it has an integrated sound card, so based on the other threads, I may be experiencing similar problems. I just thought I would post this on the off chance that someone can think of a fix. The game is still playable, and extremely fun now that new life has been breathed into it (did anyone think they would still be playing SP after all these years!), and for the few times in the game I need to stack units, I can quickly jump into the preferences and turn off the sound effects until after I stack the units. Still, if the developers could find it in their generous hearts to take a look into this issue...(that's how you say please )

Thanks for a GREAT game again guys,


PS Running XP, plenty of memory, game runs ok, etc... in case this info is important
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