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Default Re: Elli (Closed, Readying)

... narr! I stalled. I would swear that I've set this host to thirty hours before... Pooh.
But no, its at 24, again. I'm setting it back to thirty, and suggesting we switch to a two-day cycle for our turns now, though I'll wait to be thirded before I go ahead. I can manage thirty just fine, though I'll have to be anal about checking to make sure it doesn't reset to 24 again. It probably had something to do with that turn mixup, and isn't likely to happen again. And I lost my renegade sage mercenary for no reason whatsover€.

[CLASSIFIED REASONING BLACKED OUT] I hearby declare war on Sauromatia and Caelum. If I can take either capital, it should greatly bolster my deficent economy.

Warning has been issued on turn 15, early summer, year two.
As Sauromatia has fallen, so shall I. Sorry, that didn't come out right. Anyways, I've bumped the game back to 30 hours, bumped it an additional 6 hours just this once.

The game will now host at 17:50 GMT on Sunday December 16th.
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