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Default LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips

As we all know, LA Abysia starred on Extreme Makeover: Nation Edition before the release of the latest patch. However, a cursory search reveals that nobody's talking about their new look, probably due to their lackluster performance before the patch leaving everyone reluctant to even give a crap about them. I've been trying to get a handle on them recently, and can't seem to do it, I mean there's a few obvious choices, they don't need a bless and they love them some fire evocations and have some of the cheapest and therefore best blood hunters available everywhere, but I can't seem to find their on switch. They lack that oh-so-charming "set everyone on fire" aura of the previous ages, they're still fairly capital-centric for a late age nation, and their heavy infantry gets slaughtered in droves by crossbows. Someone give me some pointers/lets discuss this nation.
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