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Default Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips

I was playing LA Abysia in a MP game before and after the patch. It's been a while and I've misplaced my notes, but I've noticed that they have improved some, although not sure if it's really a big step.

Unless you've got heaps of cash to burn, I just can't find much use for the new assassins, except maybe as stealth preachers...or just better/sacred assassins, possible reanimators? The good ones are all prone to old age effects anyway, reducing their cost-effectiveness as researchers and combative assassins.

The change to the mages is good, however (more death, if I remember rightly) allowing spectral infantry and a few other things. Could do with earth magic IMO, for demon knights, forging good armour and some useful spells.
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