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Default Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips

I looked at them, cause I was curious, but didn't mess around with the nation. Might after I get comfortable with Machaka.

A few assassin ideas - nothing even remotely tested, just brainfarts.

edit: why brainfarts? A week of trouble sleeping, coupled with 4:00 AM....

Slayer Newt
Slayer Worm - H1
Slayer Anathemant F1H2?1 ?=FD
Slayer Sanguine B2H2

Slayer Anathemant w/death random: Off the table: corpse Candle, Hand of Death, Disintegrate. Not worth it even with spare gem (Fatigue, touch, MR). On the other hand, if you're facing an undead leader, Dust to dust is a nice spell. Frighten might be nice as well. Decay will be handy against some nations, but not others. You could load a few spare death gems, and cast Raise Skeletons twice, if I remember my mechanics.

Slayer Anathemant with two fire: Rage, Bonds of Fire, Immolation look like they might be fun. Pheonix Power, summon lessr fire elemental, summon lesser fire elemental, summon lesser fire elemental.
Flame Eruption, pillar of fire.
Incinerater F3, fat 20, happens to be a 100% precision spell.
In theory, you should be able to cast Pheonix Power followed by Living Fire if you have three gems on hand.

Slayer Sanguine: Blood burst may leave you exhausted, but it will take out single humanoids. Available at B1, may be worth a try if you've got very dificult independents on your map.

Saw some funny behavoir scripting summon imp, reinvigoration, summon imp, reinvigoration, summon imp. Are they supposed to disappear after a single turn?

Unfortunately, putting a basic fire sword on your assasin gets rid of your secondary and primary weapons. Still, you have access to Flesh Eater, and Heart Finder, ontop of whatever bless you may have and ambidex. Course, you don't want your opponent to pick up either of these off a failed hit.

Boosting attack is always helpful, whether for low strength or high. It'll help you bypass shield protection/parry. Ring of the warrior is plenty cheap, though you have to expect some deaths, and the enmey looting off your coprse.
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