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Default For What Its Worth

I see lots of nice mods offered here in the forum.
I decided to add my own 2 cents well at least .5 cents by making my own mod. I have used several of the good ideas mentioned on this forum, but I have added some of my own as well.

Added a Battleship to the game. Good surface to ship attack, moderate air defense and low sub sea attack. Ranged attack of 1.
Since the Battleship has the ranged attack I took away that option from the cruisers.

trying to think of a way to make Infanty have a greater role in the game, but not much success. Thought that maybe only allowing regions that contain cities can be taken in combat when infantry are also in the attack since they are the true holders of built up areas. Do not see a way to add that to any mod since it looks to be hard coded within the program. Maybe only cities,Factories & fortified postions can only be built when infantry are in the same region, or add a engineer unit to do that.

Thinking about adding Transport Helicopters such as Chinocks to carry 2 infantry, maybe 1 AA Truck nothing too heavy.

I anyone is out there please give me your thoughts, opinions ect.
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