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Default Re: Spelling mistakes in this game!!! How lame!!!

I too noticed the mistakes, however if you are a fan of the era then you should not give up on the game. There are few games covering this period. If you look at the Maddox flight sims you will find many spelling errors and these sims are by far the best on the market. They also have a much larger staff than Andrew (who I believe is the only programmer.)
I would recommend that you wait til the patch comes out before trying the game as it does have some other problems/limitations which are being fixed & may discourage you further at the moment.
Trying to click the ships path arrows can be a little frustrating right now & there is no editor yet etc. I'm sure once the patch comes out this will be an excellent game & as it stands right now it is quite entertaining.
I'm sure the spelling errors will be fixed as well.

Any chance of having rowed gunboats in the game?
And having carronades added (I know I asked before)

Sorry couldn't resist the chance to beg.


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