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Default Cichociemni - [Silent Unseen]

The story of Cichociemni - [Silent Unseen] elite soldiers of Armia Krajowa who were recruited from polish army in UK especially trained in survival and diversion and parachuted into occupied Poland. That task was carried on by polish section of SOE and for that were established supply flight into Poland since 1941 to transport them and equipment for partisans. First flights from England from Gibraltar Farm secret airfield near London after fall and switching side by Italy from Brindisi.

There is a documentary movie 1:07:03 about Hieronim Dekutowski aka "Zapora" one of them who was parachuted into occupied Poland in 1943 and became a commander of AK partisans unit in area of Lublin. Inside movie are animations representing battles of his unit and memories of last living soldiers. Subtitles are in English.

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