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Default Re: A few teething problems with AATF: Assistance much appreciated

This is very helpful indeed, Patrick. I put a lot of time into high-fidelity battlefield sims that seem worthy of the investment, and this one certainly does. It is extremely useful to know that the sim models terrain, suppression and other factors affecting dismount operations so rigorously and that aircraft can be managed individually. I'm also happy to learn that close insertion is not SOP. Finally, I'm sure my problems with getting aircraft into a rear LZ relate to your point about suppression; is there any graphic indication of suppression versus the red line that I assume indicates direct fire? Please bear with me, my manual has not arrived yet but I was eager to get going.

Again, thank you for a most welcome and helpful response.

PS: Why is it that the demo displays individual infantry units where the game appears to present a single infantry icon in the tutorial mission? I do not intend to micromanage infantry but I wonder if there is an option to view individual units such as MGs, mortars, etc.
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