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Default Re: obat65 Finland, Igla SAMs

Igla-1 (SA-16) is the simpler predecessor of the Igla (SA-18).
The ratings of the weapons match that, and that's just as well since they were copied from the recently updated Russian OOB.

Now according to SIPRI Arms Trade database, Finland received a batch of SA-16 in 1987-89 and a batch of SA-18 in 1990.
This is where my sources deviate from the OOB, on the point of service dates.

As an aside, SIPRI gives the local designation ItOhj 86M to the SA-16 and ItOhj 86 to the SA-14 (Strela-3), 105 delivered in 1986-97, which is not in the OOB yet.
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