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Default Finland OOB v12 fixes

Couple of issues I found regarding the OOB v12:

SP-Rocket Bn/Bty/Pl (205-207) have availability 01/76-12/115 whereas that should be until 12/125. The unit 551 that goes to that formation has availability until 12/125, but O/M platoons (Unit 556) don't (but their formation does!).

Formations 205, 206, 207 SP-Rocket Bn/Bty/Pl
End date: 12/2025
Unit 556 RAKH 89 Platoon
End date: 12/2025

SAM systems. I'm particularly uncertain over the warhead and range mappings in OOBs, please inform if they are handled in some special way and the values used are no mistakes.

ItOhj 90 VT-1
See [1] p. 47
Warhead diameter is 165mm, ergo WH should be 9 (by Warhead Size Chart) instead of 8
Minimum firing distance: 10 (500 m) instead of 8 (400 m)[1]

Weapon 129: ItOhj 90 VT-1
Warhead size: 9
Sabot Range: 10

SA-11 Buk-M1 (Unit 561)
See [1] p. 51
Maximum range given in OOB is 255 (over 63.5 km) but maximum firing range given in literature is 32 km (range: 222)
Minimum range given is 70 (3.5km) but listed value is 3 km (60 hexes)
Warhead Size is 30 but according to chart it should be 21 (400 mm)
Buk firing unit was delivered to military museum[2] in early 2017, effectively signaling being out of service.

One open question is about the number of missiles (emphasis mine): Should the reloading unit missiles be included for BUK units as well and bump the number of missiles to 8 or will it break game balance?
"Latausvaunu on tarkoitettu ohjusvaunun lataamiseen ja se kykeneekin kantamaan maksimissaan 8 ohjusta, joista neljä on laukaisuvalmiina. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että nämä neljä ohjusta voidaan laukaista suoraan latausvaunulta tarvittaessa. Koska latausvaunulla ei ole omaa tutkaa, latausvaunu määritetään orjalavetiksi, jotta ampuminen olisi mahdollista [40, 49]."
"The reloading vehicle is for reloading the firing unit and it can carry up to 8 missiles, four of which are ready to be fired immediately. This means that these four missiles can be launched off the reloading vehicle if required. As the reloading vehicle has no targeting radar of its own, the reloading unit is set up as a slave launcher to enable firing."

Unit 561: SA-11 Buk-M1
End date: 12/116
Weapon 134: ItOhj 98 Buk-M1
Warhead size: 21
Sabot Range: 60
Weapon Range: 222

SA-3 Pechora (Unit 560)
Museum lists the SA-3 (local: ItOhj 79) as first delivered in january 1980.[3]

Unit 560: SA-3 Pechora
Start date: 1/80


These changes (and should be nothing but these changes) are in OOB which is available in
On any following posts I try to update that reference file.
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