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Post Re: WinSPMBT Refitted To Version 3.5!

Originally Posted by spicyhotchef2003 View Post
Just a suggestion: (and I LOVE SPMBT)

I wish Shrapnel would approach EA games or somebody and come out with something along the lines and detail of SPMBT for the Xbox 360!! There are alot of us out there who are all grown up and play grownup sims(games) of the type that Shrapnel produces. Just look at Civilization Revolution and the plenty of RTS games out there (ok, CivRev published a little toned down and campy/cute but it's still basic CIV). I think a turn based modern warfare game with the stats and realism would do great on the 360.

Again, just a suggestion!!
Steel Panthers is a weird game in that alot of people have enjoyed the various versions over the past ten plus years and still do enjoy them. But absolutely zero Steel Panthers clone games have evolved. Camo Workshop is by far the leader as far as work consistantly being done to improve an old game.

I'd have to say though that it doesn't look good for additional games based on Steel Panthers. Matrix games laboured for years on Combat Leader (SP Clone) but ended up throwing it in the trash can. Thats a pity as it was to be the next generation of Steel Panthers games.
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