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Post Why can't you ever make a fantasy TBS with modern graphics and UI ?

So this guy Edi (where's the mumintroll smiley when you need it?? ) was on another forum I frequent and talked about Conquest of Elysium III.
It sounded good so I read a little about it, checked his AAR of Barras the Necromancer but it has the same problems as Illwinters other titles....

  • Outdated graphics & animations
  • No tactical combat (TC)
  • A bit old userinterface
About the graphics, why use ancient squares for units like this:

....when you can make it like THIS:

And the Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic graphics are from 2003 at most! Yet here we have a game where the graphics look even older....

To make it even worse (yes, that's possible), even the original Age of Wonders looks better than CoE III....!

So, how do you explain that?
I guess you can't afford a graphicsengine (though the AoW engines should be really cheap now).

The userinterface seems acceptable though. In the first YouTube Paul video, he plays as a Necromancer, and you can't see how many dead there are in a certain square can't be seen unless you click 'special powers' or I'm missing something....

Missing Tactical Combat is another big thing to me. Again, Age of Wonders was good back in 1999(!) and really good in 2003 with AoW: Shadow Magic but still you persist in having some abstract autobattle instead....

Everything else seems good though, including the sound. That seems really good from what I've heard.

I've known for some years now that Illwinter makes deep games with lots of content and it's frustrating to not being able to play them due to bad graphics, outdated UI and no tactical combat.