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Default Re: Finnish OOB 8.0

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
I covered the issue of OOB work like this in the note we included with the patch release and it was aimed exactly at posts like this. Apparently, you either didn't read it or figure it didn't apply to you but BELIEVE does.
Sorry Don!
I was too excited to get back to the game after a long period of hospital stays, visits and checkups etc that I just did a cursory reading over the release notes before I fired up the game to fight my friend. That's why there was nothing from me to this forum during that time either, I was too busy concentrating on my family members' health.

I was thinking already while writing that message that I would add "I'm creating an unofficial OOB based on the changes I have listed in this thread." I hope it gets merged back to the main game, I try to be careful not to introduce any changes not specifically mentioned in this thread and extra careful not to break any backwards compatibility.

In the mean time, take a cup of strong coffee and enjoy the time away from this thread and enjoy the finer things in life.