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Default Scenario reviews

At the urging of DRG I am embarking on a review of all of the SPWW2 scenarios.

I will be rating them on:

1. Difficulty (Easy/Medium/Hard/Very hard)

2. Size (Based on the number of units)

3. Time to play (Based on actual time to play, not turns)
(Short/medium/long/very long)

4. If playable from either side (y/n) and difficulty as player 2

5. Enjoyability (1 dreadful 5 very fun) added by Scorpio Rocks

6. Special conditions: No tanks, no artillery, Airborne operation, Amphibious operation, Human is to be player #2 (added 2/8)

I encourage other players to post in this thread and give their evaluations based on the above criteria.

My goal is to collect data that can be later put into a sortable database for player to find what kind of scenario they are looking for.

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