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Default Re: Experience and morale

This is all I will have to say about this post


Over 2 decades ago when we first started working on what would become SPww2 and later spin-off into SPmbt and we were working with a team of people, all of which are listed in the game guide credits, and the subject of the experience and moral values in the game were being discussed I remember clearly saying that if we handed the UNITexp and UNITmor lists to 100 people with instructions to adjust those values to what each thinks is closest to correct we would get back 100 different lists

That is still true.

There will never be a time when somebody doesn't think they have better ideas on what they should be but like most things in this game those base values are just base values. There is very little in this game that uses absolute values in its calculations and UNITexp and UNITmor are no exception. It is the randoms in this game that have kept a game concept originally developed in the 90's still being played and argued about a quarter-century later and as Andy pointed out the leadership values also have a random effect in how combat results are calculated

This is one reason the game preferences allow players to turn "Training" off and enter whatever they think it should be, higher or lower, than what the game uses now from the UNITexp and UNITmor lists .....and then those values are randomized


In SPWW2 there are 13,017 units. There are 28 infantry class units that have 6 men and size Zero and those 28 units are spread across 11 OOB's and they are all specialized commando/recon type units so those few units are hardly "a bit problematic" at 0.2% of the units in the game.
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