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When I was in circa 1987-91 the M1A1 had ammo blast doors behind the TC and loader, and the rounds pointed to the rear, in the event of cook offs the tank was designed to have the rounds blast out the back, plus we had built in fire extinguishers in the crew compartments.

We we fought against the Iraqi Republican Guard, we faced T-55 and T-72s. The 55s were a complete joke, no hydraulic turret, wooden handles and manual gun sights, they are death coffins, pieces of junk. The T-72s were really not that much better in ‘91 either, we knew there max range was about 1500 to 1800, so we’d park at 2400-4000 and pick them off.

After seeing how Russia is currently operating in 2022, I have no fear of them, they suck big balls of steaming crap.
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