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Default Re: 101st Airborne Question

Thanks everyone;

Excellent game Tim Brooks...
I have a big wish list for 82nd. I know its too late and I know this is the wrong forum so I will just give you my biggest wish:

Smooth scroll of the entire map; ie no mini maps.
With your (Tim's) attention to detail it seems so absurd that when you get to the edge of a map you can't see what is right in front of you.

One more question on 101: I had a hard time finding one lone enemy on the headquarters mission and after about an hour of searching I gave up and used the IKnow cheat. Can you shut that or any cheats off without rebooting the game?
(The b*st*rd was hiding outside by the church. I thought I looked there but in fact I ran from around the corner to inside. He either didn't fire at me or I had the sound down and didn't notice.)
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