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Default Re: Assassinations

So, it is very annoying that your mages use the same script for battles and assassinations, I have to agree with you there.

2) A top hero of the nation, Morale 19, Leading the troops over and over again, sees one die and decides to run leaving 4 men to take on the assasin... he leaves the battlefield and is DEAD. Totally spoiling the game.
I don't understand that, there's no reason to take a morale check when one bodyguard of five dies so far as I know. When a few die you'd expect it.

Anyway, if you like you could consider it some supernatural effect that the mage casting Earth Attack also enchants the victim so he isn't quick witted enough to adapt his plans. Or something like that. I can see it could be very annoying, but it's a sufficiently small part of the game that many of us have never seen it happen. Also there are a number of counters, as have been suggested. If your very best mages had Crushers as bodyguards they'd be fine, and I'm sure there are much neater counters.
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