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Default Re: MA game: Gladiators of Loemendor, recruiting

Originally Posted by minko View Post
cool idea but giant nations would own too much
True but perhaps that could be mitigated a number of ways..
Outright ban of some races
Matches don't start till turn 15 or so (magic begins to nullify pure brawn ) with matches occurring every 3rd turn or so
Perhaps early game if many giant races are in play they would take turns winning making 3 in a row difficult
Some races get a pretender build penalty. Himmon gets fewer points.

Would play crazy different without expansion. Scales, bless, pretender design would have to be weighed towards creation of an early/mid/late game thug/sc. Research could be easy to get magic and items into play earlier. Your triple blessed Jotun may own 8 of 9 players but can't seem to kill that quickened thug with the paralyzing touch (or whatever).

No worries about naps though trading could be interesting.. That Ermor tart has 2 wins in a row... Who best to give the flambeau to for taking him down?

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