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Default Re: Vanarus, Machaka Lion Kings etc

Originally Posted by Spendios View Post
Is there a chance that some days those new nations are going to be implemented ? I know of Vanarus and Machaka Lion Kings but there might be others who were planned but were forgotten
I'd heard of Vanarus (which really, should write itself), but Machaka Lion Kings? Seriously? Can't we get an African nation that is actually based on something from *Africa*? Machaka is already pretty bland and flavorless because its only theme is "Giant Spiders!!!1!1!!!one11!!1!", which has nothing to do with anything involving african mythology.

I confess, if this was Warcraft I wouldn't even bat an eye. But with the depth of many of the other nations, Machaka is outstandingly shallow. So the last thing we need is another poorly conceptualized machaka that seems to be based on a Japanese anime (ripped off by Disney to be an animated feature) more than anything else.
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