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Default Re: Vanarus, Machaka Lion Kings etc

Err... whut? What lore could possibly could be more african than the stories on Anansi the Spider? The originally west-african spider stories (usually featuring Anansi the Spider, who is part of the time spider and part of the time human), which have spread across the continent, to Caribbean and elsewhere (even USA) where people originally from Africa live. There simply is no theme more african than the spider them

While lions certainly live in Africa, there is not that well known (at least that I know of) stories and lore of lions. The lion stories are usually of european origins (like lets say, "Lion is the king of the jungle" (lions don't live in jungles)), in the african spider stories the Lion is usually one of the fools Anansi loves to make fun of most. Lions are revered (except in the Anansi stories, where the Lion is the pompous and gullible fool), but could somebody give an example of Lion lore of African origin?
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