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Yeah,.....its a shame too, as there is a really good game screaming to get out.

The silence is the real problem. Since the release of the game we havent heard one single word from the developer himself,........not that we ever heard from him before,........and aside from the 'cha-ching' when we handed over our money, the ony thing we have heard period from Shrapnel is the promise that there was a patch being worked on that would fix the problems. One patch later,...there is some improvement,...but nowhere near enough to consider the game even ready for release much less 'finished',.....and once again we ask if this is going to be fixed,......and once again there is silence.
If this were EA,...I would just chalk it up to me taking a known risk and it panning out as expected,........... I thought Shrapnel was better than this,.....but I guess I was wrong.