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Wanna notify you, I've written another mail to Aaron today, and I've notified S.R. Krol and Tim Brooks, to get them to give a statement here. If they don't that's simply another sign that they don't care, and that we should do something against them.
To the idea of posting info about the game: Do that, I've already done that in some forums of other Indie strategy games I own (warned them of the bad quality of the game), because I've accidentally praised the game when I first got it (but it was good at first, until I noticed the flaws and AI bugs). That was last year, in October or November, I think. Please tell them of the lack of support etc, I've not done that yet (only about the bad AI etc., and that was before the 1.09 patch, when it was absolutely ****ty, but it's still very bad).
I've just replied to my old posts in other forums from last year praising the game and changed them into warnings.

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