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Originally Posted by Mike_T View Post
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Ok,... 24 hours until I file a complaint.

Shrapnel has had 7 days to respond to this and hasnt. I think thats more than enough proof that shrapnel just doesnt care about their customers or the quality of their games. I will make sure I put it the complaint about the repeated,..prolonged silence from them regarding the sad shape this game is in, even while every single person on the forums is upset.

Has anyone noticed there isnt even one single deluded fanboy defending this game. I think THAT says more than anything. I have never saw a game that didnt have at least one fanboy claiming it was great no mattter what. When 100 % of the people talking about your game are saying its horribly unfinished, should listen.

I think I am also going to pass this info, and a link to the forums on to a few gaming media/news sites so they can see for themselves just how bad the game is and how silent shrapnel and Malfador have been. Hopefully they will put out an article to let everyone know just how badly Aaron, Malfador Machinations, and Shrapnel have decided to ignore their customers and their responsibilities. Maybe when they see enough sales being lost across the board becasue they loise the trust of the community they will wake up and relize its not wise to screw over your customers.
Best of luck with your complaints. In my experience in business (more years than I care to admit to!) a company that refuses to deal with customers' complaints is a company with problems.
Yeah,....I am going to try and get a refund. I know the reasoning Shrapnel is going to use to deny that,...and sadly the FTC will most likley let them get away with it,....but as I said in my post above, will get them to at least say something about the future of the game.