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Default Turn 55: Balance Tipped.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA. Really? Really? Talk about pissing all over diplomacy.

So every time anyone casts a non-blood-magic spell they get horror marked. There are two ways to take this down, kill the caster or dispel the enchantment.

I don't have the gems to dispel it, but I'll contribute what I can. If no one else can cast it, I am able to, but I'll need at least 300 astral gems before I can dispel it.

The spell was probably cast by Mictlan's pretender, so if someone gives me the province number that it is in I can kill it. If anyone wants to send me spare death gems (I'll even buy them for 10 gold a piece) I can assassinate most of his mages in a few turns. It appears someone panicked a little.
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