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Default Re: Silent Hill - Multi Era - Vet & intermediate - Running

Bye, everyone! It's been a fun game. To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed by how I did in the endgame - I don't think I had a single successful battle, just a stream of successive losses. Revenant2 has indicated he feels that LA C'tis is poorly-equipped against MA Ermor, but I'm not sure I agree. Patala dealt the killing blow though, honestly, when they took out my main army with half a dozen Earthquakes I wasn't prepared for. I don't think I'd have won against revenant2 - especially not with the attitude regarding LA C'tis's viability versus them that I had then - but it would have been much closer than the mop-up that the war turned out to be.

My primary issue throughout the game was money, which I think was partly just luck and partly poor pre-game strategy. (My tactical blunders were all my own.) This impacted both my number of mages and my number of Tomb Guards, who serve as excellent chaff. This, combined with my focusing on other uses of D gems than the priest summons, and the destruction of my main army, lead to a disastrous lack of chaff - certainly not enough to deal with Ermor's hordes.

I think I was pretty much doomed when I selected my pretender, though. I decided to experiment with a gem-generating pretender who acted as a quasi-rainbow. He honestly wasn't very useful; I don't think the gems I got (1N and 1D per turn from the start of the game) was worth having to sacrifice scales (and thus money) and expansion potential (and thus both money and more gems).
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