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Default Re: Silent Hill - Multi Era - Vet & intermediate - Running

Originally Posted by Darkwind View Post
I honestly think Ermor comes out the worse in this matchup - every Sauromancer having access to Wither Bones is absurdly powerful, and I think my losses were due more to sheer numbers, both of thaumaturgs and of longdead horsemen, as well as my own misplays, than to a strategic advantage Ermor holds over C'tis.
Sauromancers are certainly powerful, but take into account that they are nearly twice as expensive as Thaums and Ermor's undead are basically free and geneated en-masse in battle, so any match-up is going to be inherently lopsided in terms of numbers all things being equal. The success will come down to whether they can kill enough undead fast enough before they become exhausted.
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