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Default Re: Campaign games

Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Scripted Campaigns are not campaigns in the same way that Generated or Long Campaigns are.

They are a series of individual scenarios linked together to simulate a series of battles or a series of stages in one battle.
a quick reply before I wrap up the day

Thanks DRG,

I figured as much, the question is how I can convince warcab to treat these as a campaign,
that is to say: to allow tracking core units across battles.

For savegames from Generated or Long campaigns, WarCab is able to extract enough
information from them to make a reasonable guess that two different savegames belong to
battles in the same campaign and to track the units in them.

But with the information I have today (found by reverse engineering and trial-and-error), it
cannot do this for these regular campaign savegames.

Well, actually, maybe it could, but it would run into trouble as soon as it was faced with
two savegames from two different battles that happen on the same date. It wouldn't be able
to tell which battle comes first and which battle comes second. It would risk switching these
in time and messing up the unit tracking.

However, winSPWW2 does not have this problem when it loads the savegame, because it
knows, when the battle is finished, which next scenario should be loaded, so I am assuming
this information is recorded somehere in the savegame and so I am hoping that, if WarCab
could access this information, it could be able to perform the same logic as winSPWW2 does
and figure out things like where this battle fits on the campaign timeline...

Anyway, have got to run now, but thanks again for your first quick reply already!

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