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Default Re: Historical Design Notes Thread

Here's another SECRET Soviet military paper:

MILITARY THOUGHT (USSR): The Actual Requirement for and Supplying of Troops with Conventional Ammunition in Present-Day Operations and the original PDF.

In it, the author argues that current Soviet Units of Fire (UOF) allocation for nuclear war combat may actually be significantly lower than what actually is needed.

Of note buried are a series of tables laying out the number of 122mm shells required per hectare (10,000 m2 area or something 100 x 100 m in dimensions) for target destruction:

Infantry Divisional and Brigade Command Posts (4 hectares area per CP)
150 x 122mm Shells per hectare density (600 shells)

Infantry Companies (18 hectares per company)
150 x 122mm Shells per hectare density if in trenches (2,700 shells)
20 x 122mm Shells per hectare density if in open (360 shells)

Mortar/ATGM Platoons
55 x 122mm shells per platoon

Artillery Batteries
220 x 122mm shells per battery
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