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Default Re: Finnish OOB 8.0

The minister of defence, Carl Haglund, accepted the proposal and the agreement was signed in the change of January-February.

As the Finnish government is looking for savings the FDF has had their share of budget cuts (thus ATACMS acquisition was cancelled) and FDF had estimated that the price of Leopard 2A4 upgrade is half of a price for a new Leopard 2A7 and it wouldn't make any sense to do such thing.

ref: (in Finnish) (in Finnish)

translating the most important paragraph:
"According to the Minister of Defence Carl Haglund the Leopard 2A4 tanks currently in use have aged to the point where they need to be upgraded or replaced with new ones. New tanks would have cost approximately 10 million euros a piece and even the upgrade around 5 million euros per tank."

According to the latest Teknologia & Talous magazine, the batches of deliveries will span from 2015 to 2019. A big piece-by-piece scan here, translations maybe later: