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Fallout Re: MBT's

It appears to me it was hit from the rear. I "walked" the cursor back and forth from about the 7s - 12s.

Before I did that, I ran it through fully then ran and paused it SEVERAL times when I finally caught a "brighter" white light from the initial "white flare" before the flame.

That's when I "walked" (Me controlling the direction of and speed of the video.) the video through as noted in Para 1.

Turret positioned out is in a very venerable spot from a frontal attack which this clearly isn't but also from the rear which I think is what happened.

Walk up at about 8s you'll see the "white plume" appear/hold at 9s and using the turret bustle as your "horizon" you'll notice a small ball of white just a hair brighter than the rest of white plume".

It's on the turret/horizon line/centered between the middle of the "white plume" and its right edge.

I can make it out with the video on my 36" 4K monitor in full screen with the "naked eye" and to be sure with both my onboard magnifier and handheld one.

I used the Newsweek video as it seems to be a little "cleaner" to my eyes and monitor.

And for full disclosure I did think at first it came from the tree line from the left, but I couldn't find the "flare" from the rocket which I felt the video angle would've allowed for.

I gotta get to bed.

I gave it a couple of hours and it's the best I could do with the material.

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