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Fallout Re: MBT's

The Ukrainians claimed it was militia forces that took out the second T-90M with the Carl Gustav. This makes sense as most of the Javelins and MSHAW (?) (Going on memory here-the UK ATGW.) went to the frontline troops. It's well known the militia again got most of the Swedish Carl Gustav AT-4 and also the German Panzerfaust 3 both capable of taking out a T-90M. Both use a "countermass" which virtually eliminates the back blast.

My ref below and some other readings I've come across seem to indicate the Germans also sent along an undisclosed amount of the Panzerfaust 3-IT. We know a fair amount about the AT-4 however I feel we might know a little less about the Panzerfaust-3.

So, a couple of things that caught my attention...
"In 2022 Germany supplied Panzerfaust 3 missiles to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion. This included delivery of the latest version, the Panzerfaust 3-IT version."

Future proofing at development...
"The barrel of the launch tube has a 60 mm caliber, while the oversized rocket has 110 mm caliber. Such design was selected because it allowed to upgrade the weapon by simply designing larger rocket. In this case there was no need to redesign the whole launcher to accommodate the new rocket."

Without a tandem warhead using the "base" rocket ...
"The baseline DM12A1 rocket has a multi-purpose High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) warhead. It is used against tanks, armored vehicles and structures. It penetrates 800 mm of steel armor. During trials the Panzerfaust 3 penetrated front armor of the T-72 tank and even made an exit hole in the turret. Though this original rocket lacks a precursor charge and is not effective against tanks equipped with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA)"

Tandem warheads would soon be added.

On Panzerfaust-3IT ...
"Panzerfaust 3-IT has improved tandem warhead. This version was developed to defeat modern heavy ERA, such as the Russian Relikt. It can defeat the latest and heavily armored tanks with explosive reactive armor. Some sources report that it penetrates more than 900 mm of steel armor. Judging by this figure penetration behind ERA COULD (I capitalized this so it wouldn't get lost with the rest of the data.) be around 700 mm. Developers claim that this version is capable of penetrating front armor of the Russian T-80U main battle tank. It can also penetrate armor of the American M1A2 Abrams and British Challenger 2 tanks. This weapon has effective range of 400 m. The Panzerfaust 3-IT weights 14.3 kg. In terms of penetration and range the Panzerfaust 3-IT outperforms many other anti-tank rocket launchers, including the Russian RPG-29 Vampir, RPG-30 and RPG-32. Only the Russian RPG-28 is more powerful."

Might need to check the German OOB to ensure they have the latest versions.

Also, I feel it's safe to assume the following on Panzerfaust-3 ...
This weapon weights 13.4 kg. It has an effective range of 400 m, which can be extended to 600 m by installing the Dynarange fire control unit. This weapon was adopted by the German army in 1993.

Also, the rocket is armed at 5m.

Now to that video saying a Russian tank (Which also was a T-90M.) took out the T-90M hit in that ambush. I'm sorry that's just a truckful of BS.

The tank that fired the shot was at the "start" of a bend in the road with a short straight with the tank that was hit being around the next turn fully. So the Russians have developed a tank shell that can follow the road!?! Or he fired this "magnificent new shell" that maneuvered itself through the trees to the left of the tank and made a sharp 90 and another sharp 90 to hit the rear of the same tank. Amazing!

Could be possible.

However, there's no muzzle blast, no fume from the barrel and more damming no road dust kicked from the percussion from firing the gun on a dry dusty road as you saw kick up when the lead tank got hit.

Other versions that run just a little longer showed those vehicles retreating (I believe the video I used shows this.) because also in the engagement the Russians supposedly also lost a BMP-3 and another unidentified APC.

He has an opinion and I have presented mine, just like them we all have xxxxxxxs as well.

Oh, before I go ...
Looks like the Ukraine might get those Marder A3 and Leopard 1A5 armor units later this year as the following is reporting. It would be something if some of those 1A5's got refitted with the 120mm/L44 guns they mounted on the Prototype Leopard 1A6.
The design was fully tested/evaluated and approved for production. But due to fiscal constraints and with the LEOPARD 2 having been made ready for production the LEOPARD 1A6 was cancelled.

The Czech Army will be getting the German LEOPARD 2A4 for donating some of their T-72 tanks to the Ukraine. The first of the 2A4 tanks could arrive by November.

Well, I'm going for my walk and might contemplate this new Russian tank round.

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