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Default Taking the correct drugs

In my board game days,the boxes often gave a playing time of 4-8 hours.Some like "WORLD IN FLAMES" or "KRIEG" would take me 40 hours plus.
I have just finished my first full game ,winning as Japan.
It's taken nearly 9 hours.
I'm not the brightest kid on the block,but how does anyone play within 3 hours? Doesn't a srategy game suppose a tiny bit of reflection? I'm clearly taking the wrong pills.
Incidentally,I would recommend to all those with an interest in the Pacific war,take a look at this one.
It's fun,feels right and the abstractions mean not getting bogged down in micro-management.
My main query at present,is why do the allies throw desperate attacks on the home islands'just to be clobbered,even when their supply line to Australia is cut?Surely the might of the allies didn't constantly attack there every month .
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