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Default Re: What makes this game worth $40 more than any other roguelike?

I was just coming over to check the steel panthers forum. Saw the ad in the corner of the main page and thought i'd check it out. Never played a rogue game before. Looked at different ones at gog and they didn't interest me.

It's been a while since I paid $40 for a game but I don't mind if it's a really good one. Like both steel panthers.

So I read the promos and liked how the game works. I'm playing the demo and so far I think it's fine. I'm impressed by the dev with his commitment. And his humor that I understand is planted in the game.

Mostly I like the random setup for replayability, the ease of play in the ui, the depth and a few other things. It looks like a game that will stand the test of time. I'll play the demo some more but it looks like I'll probably end up getting it. Some games are worth $40 and I don't mind paying for those. I boutht the steel panther games some years ago and still play them.
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