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Fallout Re: MBT's

So I posted this list of MBT's several years ago I believe there was 10 total, I thought might make it by games end 2020. But as you'll see, a couple would've made that deadline but for the extension to 2025.

I'll list them from memory though, I might fall short by a couple.


2. ABRAMS M1AC (SEP 3) - IOC; expected FOC Mid 2023

3. ALTAY -PROTOTYPE; 18 MONTH countdown clock is still at 0. DOUBTFUL

4. ARMATA - PROTOTYPE; what happens here affects the IFV version as well. Russia has shifted assets to the very capable T-90M. At best 2024. DOUBTFUL

5. K2 PIM - OPERATIONAL, but in very limited numbers.

6. LEOPARD-A7V Improved - PROYOTYPE; will transition with new designation. Also more likely to a transitional tank first. Assets moving towards joint development MBT with France, possibility UK and Netherlands. Looking in from the outside Poland. Possibly late 2023 or 2024.

7. LeClerc XLR (Scorpion Program); RESET, French are accelerating the whole Program. If EVERYTHING falls into place, FOC might be reached by Late 2023-Mid 2024.

8. There's been talk of a new Chinese MBT I believe briefly touched on in my last Post. DOUBTFUL or 2025 at best. The focus is to build up the NAVY and AIR FORCE at present for continued POWER PROJECTION.

9. I can't remember.

10.The focus of this discussion; CHALLENGER 3 - RESET; From MOD, IOC 2027/FOC 2030. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO STATE THE OBVIOUS HERE. With IOC already at 2027, things tend to shift more to the "RIGHT" then come to the "LEFT of NEVER."

That should cover it.

Todays my Monday-I'm out!


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