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Fallout Re: MBT's

I pointed this out specifically in my last post under Australia. The answer simply NO DU Armor for ANY foreign user of the ABRAMS.

When the Iranian militia were operating the Iraqi M1A1 SA tanks, and yes, we wished they hadn't but we really weren't that concerned about it because no OPSEC issues were compromised. If it were, trust me, their would've been any thing left of those handful of tanks they had except scrap.

That's why we've always recovered our tanks from the battlefield. This applies to all the major tank producing countries.

We never sell our Submarines (Though Russia has sold some out dated nukes to India.), Our foreign sale ships go into the shipyard and get completing stripped of our advanced FC, Sonar, Radar etc. etc.

UK did the same when OMAN bought a couple of hundred CHALLENGER 2 tanks w/o their advanced armor. OMAN actually upgraded the armor package on most of their "fleet" just a few years back.

We buy (As well as others.) Russian equipment all the time. And they buy ours. Except we don't buy them from each other. Hell we've even bought about 2 or 3 OPLOT-M tanks from the Ukraine just in the last couple of years that I know I posted in here.

Why would Israel always turn around and improve the jets we sell them if it were the "top shelf" USAF version? That's the first thing they did as they started to get their F-35's in country. Their "U.S." F-35 were/are getting upgraded to the F-35i improved Israeli version.

There's only about ten countries that could be considered major producers of heavy armor in the world, They keep the first tier tanks for themselves and always have. We're very happy to sell you a second tier or third tier version of our tank but, you won't get our Armor Package, FCS, Electronics, Comms, Ammo or our latest Powerplants and Packs. At best you'll be a couple of Generation behind.

However, you'll buy the tank anyway because you don't have the Industrial capacity, Financial resources, Technical know how plus it's better than what your using now, and I can go on and on, to build one yourself.

Foreign sales develop capital for the seller to advance their own technologies and future projects.

That's the English version above.

This is still pending full U.S. Foreign sales approval. Those tanks will need to be RESET to remove all sensitive Armor components etc. etc. There'll be integration issues at Poland's end, not least of which will be training T-72/PT-91 crews.

Let's NOT get ahead of ourselves here!!!!

We just don't have stripped down versions of these tanks laying around.

Poland has never operated these tanks. However, Australia has. What's my point here?

1. Crews are trained on ABRAMS.

2. Australia put their request in first and is ready to stroke the check.

3. China is the bigger threat then Russia.

4. 2 & 3 will ensure Australia get theirs first and will reach FOC also first.

5. We would do well to follow the Australian timeline as laded out in the refs I posted in my last.

I've been watching these things for a very long time, and I hate it when we feel the need to "jump the gun" on these projects to more often then not, have to turn around and change it, delete it or something else.

We're not in a race out here and I'm getting tired of all the rework we've had to do over especially these last few years, when I have years worth of equipment that is already in service but not in the game. I'm just simply ending this with...


"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

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