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Default Re: Help! Arcatta 3 The Winding Valley

Great game! Thanks for creating it.

Thanks for the help. I've still got problems though.

You can't hold cities with Initiates because they still only have 4 hit points. An injured Sniper still has an attack of 4. Also, you need at least two Initiate attacks against a Sniper in a city to keep him from bouncing right back with a full heal. It's a bloodbath! If the AI ever can spare a shot, he damages the Apprentice on the mine reducing the cash flow. So, I'm operating under the assumption that I need to get a second one out there ASAP. If I try and build up an invasion force closer to the two cities, the AI gets a lot of shots at the Apprentice(s)

By turn 7 things are looking ugly. By turn 10 I'm out-numbered to the point where it's hopeless. No matter what, the AI still earns money on all his properties. Even if manage to hold the two north-most cities, he still manages to squeeze out a few tanks and stash a couple of snipers in the woods. It really seems impossible to me. I just can't get units (that can survive) out in the field fast enough.
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