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Default Re: Help! Arcatta 3 The Winding Valley

Wow! That made all the difference. I guess I had a couple of mental blocks regarding putting out units as fast as possible and trying to hold the mine one turn too early. By not giving evil a target, I managed to keep both the starting units alive for the whole mission. Just trying to stop up the cities over all was a losing proposition. Slaughtering the enemy's high value units and then stopping up the cities worked like a charm. I won on turn 19!!! Thanks a lot guys!

You know, this game is a lot deeper than I had initially thought. The interesting variety of skills and spells for each unit really takes it beyond something more generic, like Advance Wars. I liked the demo a lot, but the full game has so much more. Every race is completely different.

I've got to ask: Are you going to do a sequel? You know, if you added city building in the tradition of Civilization, and had huge maps, you might be able to leverage your "lunchbreak" gameplay into an epic 4X game. Don't get me wrong, I love this game as it is, but I think there might be more potential in your excellent design than you realize.
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