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Default Re: Assassinations

Originally Posted by Dorjan View Post
Originally Posted by quantum_mechani View Post
Originally Posted by Dorjan View Post

They do. I've had it happen loads already.
I have as well actually.

That said, assassination falls into the category of quite niche at best.
Wow, I've not played a MP game without at least 50 assasination attempts happening against me.
That's pretty odd... are we talking about a lot of cheapo assassins, or a few really elite ones?

The problem, is both kinds of some serious issues. A swarm of cheapo assassins can do really well the first turn or two they start, but usually just a few mundane bodyguards will do them in, which people quickly catch on to.

Elite ones can face down most bodyguards fine, but it only takes a few specially set up 'trap' mages with the right scripts to end their reign of terror.

Both kinds also ultimately have issues with patrolling and mind hunt.

EDIT: Unless, like llama pointed out, you are talking about one shot assassin spells, which are indeed all over the place.
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