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Default SE V:Just upgraded my Vista Machine to Win 7... now I can play SE V easily. I do have some modding questions, though.

1) I believe the one facility per planet, system, sector, empire issue was solved in SE V. Is that correct?
2) Can a modder set up a race to be played by the AI only. Or, do we have to rely on the player not to select that race (like SE IV)?
3) Can an AI race be modded in to show up when another race dies (or midgame)? I think this was possible in SE IV...
4) Does SE V have area of effect weapons? I could not find any, but I wanted to make sure...
5) Off the top of your head, I was wondering if the nifty weapons of MoO 2 could be modded into SE V?

Thanks for your time on does not look too active here...fingers crossed!

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