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Default Re: Shipwrecks Made By Players

Originally Posted by dari View Post
Thanks for all the new shipfiles!
i guess they will work without the editor installed just by putting into \media\PDSWL\ ?
You don't need to install the shipwreck editor. But in addition to placing them in PDSWL, you also need to add them to the list of shipwrecks in play. As the modding manual explains:

This stands for 'Pre-Designed Ship Wrecks' and is used to list the names of user-created shipwreck levels, which are occasionally loaded into the game. These are created using the shipwreck level editor, which can be found on the official product page here:
The actual files need to be stored in the folder 'PDSWL'.
The first number in the file is how many levels there are in total. The rest of the lines are the names of those files, with no extension. Capitalization should match the actual file name. The files themselves have the .AIS extension.
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