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Default Re: Ideas how to improve WinSP MBT/WW2 !

Honestly, at this point in lifecycle; you've pretty much covered everything in WW2 and MBT; except for really weird edge cases (Switzerland in WW2); which is too much work for the amount of gameplay (a scenario or two) you'd get from them.

Perhaps a little bit more detail in the documentation, such as the proportion of Tank Types Germany had at certain points?

POLAND 1939:

Pz I 38.13%
Pz II 44.16%
Pz 35(t) 4.39%
Pz 38(t) 2.16%
Pz III 3.41%
Pz IV 7.76%

Total “Obsolete” Tanks (Panzer I/II) 82.29%
Total “Modern” Tanks (Panzer 35/38/III/IV) 17.71%

For the people who like to put together long campaigns, etc that are a bit more historically accurate rather than buying all Pz38T
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