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Default Re: Lord of the rings module

Graphics Needed:
-Nazgul (horse and winged)
-Tenticals (for the Pool outside Moria)
-Plus special ones for the main characters

-Dead Marshes
-The Shire
-Paths of the Dead

Towns (I'm thinking of 2 kinds of graphics for each town. One for the 'outside' view, and one for terrain inside each town.)
-Minas Tirith
-Minas Morgul
-Bree (probably not nessesary)
-Henith Anon (again, probably not nessesary)
-The Black Gate of Mordor
-WeatherTop (just 'outside' view)

-Eye of Sauron
-Mithiral Items
-Numemor Unique Items

These are just what I thought of while listening to LOTR on tape. If there are more ideas and/or submissions, I won't say no. I was also concidering a darker, more overgrown look for Fangorn, but the standard woods would do.
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