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Default Re: Assassinations

Originally Posted by Dorjan View Post
Another thing to add to this (just happened).

A hero SC with a bow, fires then RUNS AT THE ELEMENTAL and gets trampled.

How can you say thats not broken? In a normal fight they stay at range and keeps firing!
That is no SC.

I agree, the big remote spells, Earth Attack, Manifestation, and Infernal Disease, can be a real pain for some nations. Often, the cost/benefit doesn't seem to be there when someone is doing 1-2 casts a turn, and you have 60 valuable commanders that you need to protect. Doing so with summons is going to likely require at 3 gems in most cases, and possibly more like 5+. Expending 300 gems (that you probably don't have) to guard against 1-2 remotes a turn, just isn't very effective.

Domes are likewise usually not the answer, as an experienced player will assume their use, and avoid casting on your capital, or any other massive research center - the vulnerable target is the mobile target. When an army is on the move, the only thing you can protect from is Mind Hunt, the real assassination spells require serious bodyguards, and a single large army with 20 support mages is going to require a whole lot of bodyguards - quality guards - and they will all end up Diseased (unless immune) if it's a Blood nation casting at you. Nasty evil stuff.

As Caelum though, I'd agree that Bottles of Water, or Bags of Wind are your go-to solutions for assassins. You can use some summons, but it will be very gem intensive - the items are superior as they provide excellent battlefield usefulness, in line with their costs.
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