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Fallout Re: This is starting to get old; it's now DID's turn.

By way of an update:

Patrick J. Conklin
Subject: What will the status be for future online access and to archival articles under the current status?
JAN 13, 2015 | 07:42AM EST
Kay Harrison replied:
Good Morning, Pat -

I'm not sure that anyone responded to your email last week; we appreciate very much your good wishes. As you can see, we are trying to keep things running and have plans to continue to do so. Thanks for your support!

Best Regards,
Kay Harrison
Defense Industry Daily
Phone: 703/531-8237

I would hope and ask that you visit this great resource once in awhile there are as many of you know many e-business sites that track website usage numbers for potential advertisers etc. like in the game "Hits Matter". This is too good a reference to lose when it comes to equipment and sales of equipment as the data can be used for the game. Not quite JANE'S but not far behind for what they do either.

Thank You.

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