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Default Re: Mytheology 3.10 And 3.11

Originally Posted by Soyweiser View Post
I did some work on a new version, but I still have a couple of open bugs that require more testing and work. So I'm not going to release a new version yet. But I did work on it.

Edit: work in progress changelog of the new version:
- Prodigal King pathcost reduced from 60 to 10. Thanks for the suggestion Pyg. The king used to be a strange pretender. Not really a SC. And not really a rainbow. The high pathcost was mostly given for thematic reasons. As you want the king to be a front line leader. But this just makes it a bit unusable. And more something suited for the various heroes in the game. With his special of battlecasting will of the fates. (Luck for all allies) it is going to be an interesting pretender choice. That isn't totally crippeling.
- Fixed gold dragon bug. Multiple toaist masters showing up.
- Fixed missmatched filenames (thanks Pyg).
- Various dragons got buffed to CBM standards +1 misc slot (2 -> 3). Enc 2 (3). Protection 22 (18). The golden dragon and the black dragon are now still probably better choices than the CBM dragons.
- Changed the golden dragon and black dragon magical paths. It now gets reduced magic in dragon form. The golden dragon gets earth 2 and magic -2, the black dragon gets astral and death 1 and magic -2.
- Changed the breath weapons of the new dragons to have ammo 5 and range str/2. (was ammo 15 range for black dragon and ammo 20, range 30, for the golden dragon)
- Black Dragon disintegration breath is now MR negates and a magical attack. (Don't worry. It still expands like a meat grinder on steroids).
- Black Dragon MR reduced to 18 (was 22), Gold dragon MR reduced to 18 (20).
- The Tarrasque, EA pangea god. Got some boosts. Enc 2 (4). +head and misc slot. (Basically it is an OP wyrm with less starting dom).
- Father of medicine now has healer 100 (50). Because healer < 100 sucks, and is certainly not an amazing skill.
- Several pretenders now have specific namelists. So the base type of Cthulhu is Great Old One, and his namelist contains only "Cthulhu". Yeah, this means players can give Cthulhu a different name than Cthulhu. But it solves the "Cthulhu the Cthulhu radiates with great power" Issue.
- Did the same for Dream, Desire, Aku
- Changed the description of Cthulhu a bit. Same with the other nametyped pretenders
- Desire of the Endless now has water and nature magic, as it says in the description.
- Sunwell pathcost increased to 40 (20) and cost increased to 100 (40). Startdom reduced to 3 (4). It was a bit OP as it also generates 4 astral gems each turn.
- Aku (master of darkness) now has a better fire breath attack 61 (225) in dragonform. darkvision 100 (50), Mr 18 (16), Darkpower 2 (0), and the normal shape gets a claws 666, attack not a fist attack. So it can do some damage. I don't know the lore about Aku, but his handclaws look dangerous. Dragon form also got claws not claw.
- And finally all his forms get spreaddom 2. A huge shapeshifting pretender god of darkness should spread some more dom, like the titans do.
- Cthulhu (Great Old One). Now has domspread 2 (0), dom 4 (3), fullslots + 1 misc (gained body and feet). It also gained a life drain tentacle attack, and a mind blast attack. So now perhaps the 270 points are worth something. Thanks Bernt
- Yggdrasil can now move. Oops. (2/16) And gets domspread 2 (0) startdom 2 (1), entangle, and domsummon vine men, vine ogres, dark vines and Mandragora. (sum 5, domsum 1, 20, 2)
- Kong now has animal awe 1 (0), is an animal, and fullslots +1 misc. And he casts quicken self to represent the ferocity of his attacks. Also got berserk 2 (0).
- Kong now also has forest survival.
- God-Kings cost has been reduced to 20 (45). It basically is a flying rainbow with b1 and 1 slave generation. Nothing special. Reduced his eyes to 2 (8), increased AP to 20 (8). (His magical transportation is fast, even when only hovering).
- Spiderking got a body slot. He has a fully formed upper body so why not?
- Ubbo spawn now get popkill 1 (did not work before). Thanks for fixing the bug Illwinter!
Cool looking forward thanks for updating!
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