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Default Re: It\'s only the best damn air traffic controller game you can find…if you\'re into that

While I am on the subject (sort of), I would just like to praise AC3 - again, because it never gets old.
I like to think that there are two different types of games: the card-game/board-game type (endlessly replayable) and the scripted type (and, consequently, not extremely replayable). It is obvious which Category AC3 fits into. It is an arcade game at heart. At least, I would like to think so. I can picture it sitting in an arcade with its jet-green cabinet, official AC3 Headset, and high resolution TV monitor. While I can't quite see the mouse and keyboard there, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the game is spectacularly playable. I liken it to Pac-Man, or Missle Command, or insert-your favorite-mindless-arcade-game-here. And with that in mind, I can see how reviewers dislike it. It's simple. No convoluted plot, no wizards and warriors, not a single race car. The planes don't explode with terribly grotesque pictures of dying people and no one yells at you for losing a plane. But all that doesn't make a great game. What does make a great game is a programmer with a job to do - or rather, and more preferably, a passion. And I think that is what Joe/AC3 has, and many lack.
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